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Apparently, this tumblr account of mine turn out to be more of a fan account than a personal one. Recently, the only personal posts are from my instagram. This made me decide to finally make this a fan account and I’m gonna make a personal one. When I say personal, I mean I will really update it regularly (I hope). Personal blogs and photos will be posted there. I don’t have a tumblr url in mind so maybe you can help me guys? Both for this soon to be fan account and my new personal account. I need to change to my fangirling mode url. Give some ideas :)

I will update you guys soon and post the link of my new account (if you want to follow it) and you can unfollow this if u don’t want any of my fangirling posts over 2NE1, BigBang, YG Family and KPop, Kdrama and Fashion :)




The idea to display the pets inside the store started in Singapore as a collaboration between Ikea and two animal shelters, according to Business Insider. Together they formed the project Home for Hope.

Find out which state in the United States will be adopting rescue pet displays in Ikea stores here.


"So you gave in."As what Meir said when I told her I was looming during the rainy days. Sorry I was bored. Don’t you like those daisies tho? :) #loomwhenyourebored

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※FA AKMU Lips,Nose,Eyes

Manicure by myself :) #nails #imissthishobby

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I’m supposed to go to gym on Tuesday but some annoying people makes me want to sweat it out tomorrow. I’ll do it tomorrow. 

Work out schedule should be like this:

TTh: gym 2:00-4:00 pm

Sat: Morning jog then table tennis in the afternoon

Sun: Morning jog

*200 crunches everyday

But now… I think I’ll drop by the gym before going to class every Monday because I get so annoyed and stressed over the weekend because of these creatures.

It’s better than releasing it to other people right?

Hot pot!! Those cute fish balls though =^___^= #lunch #nomnom #yummy #foodie #fathersday

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#2048 #4096 #8192

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Half leg wax. Right leg for me, left leg for you. #waxed #ouch

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THINGS ABOUT 2NE1  2NE1 and EH EH in the songs


The font size of “seungri” is even bigger than “Taeyang”

Melissa. Philippines.

UP Los Baños

Adamson University

Litratista, Umalohokan, Gabay Volunteer

Since 1991.

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